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Christamas gift ideas

Christmas is annual commemoration of birth of Jesus Christ and is celebrated on every 25th December. Around the world millions of people celebrate and they gears up for the festival nearly a week before. Business stores are decked out for the festive time with wide variety of gifts like Christmas trees, presents, ornaments and other items of beautification those are bought by millions of enthusiastic worshipers of the festival.

Christmas is one of the most cheery festivals that create splendid bond between family and friends. In the course of this auspicious carnival the most admirable activity that takes place are visiting friends, spending time with family members & exchanging gifts in memory of Jesus, his miracles & the stage gifted by god .

Christmas gifting is a beautiful tradition that reminds us of the real meaning of holiday season every year. The spirit of Christmas lies in sharing love and spreading humanity. It is about sharing our love and generosity with our families, friends and neighbours as well as with some fellow human beings who are less fortunate than we are. Though, commercialization has made the selection of Christmas gift intricate and materialistic, the spirit of buying and receiving Christmas present is the same innocent feeling as ever.

Here’s our list of the Best Christmas Gifts ever.

Best Christmas Gifts for Women

A Christmas gift for women, she may be your MOM, sister, wife, girlfriend, colleague, daughter or simply a friend that will be always be cherished is flowers. The best flowers to give at eve of Christmas are orchids, gerberas, roses, lilies, carnations along with any red flower. Flowers show how fresh and precious your love is. Flowers are a reflection of her purity and beauty. And they express your veneration. Women are sentimentalist and a simple bunch of red roses would mean a lot more to them than a fancy piece of Jewellery.

Quality branded cosmetics such as lip colour, body tanning or shimmer product, one-minute makeup products, nail colours and fragrances are always appreciated, provided they have been bought keeping the skin colour of the lady. You should have good taste and idea about what colour would suit the lady before your purchase in the store.

Before buying fragrances and perfumes as Christmas gifts, you should know what fragrances the women use. Know that fragrances for elegant sophisticated girls differ from the seductive baddies. So, choose them wisely or you will have opposite effect.

Intimate products like stockings, high heels, lingerie and nightwear are meant only for your girlfriend or wife. You can buy her coffee-book on love quotes too.

If you wish to propose on Christmas, a diamond ring will be the top choice.

Cosmetics for aging skin such as wrinkle vanishing products and under-eye products should only be gifted very cautiously, perhaps only to moms.

Women of any age or all girls will love a shiny classy watch or a fashionable branded purse.

Jewellery is loved by women of all ages - so go for the costume pieces, silver or gold pieces, diamond pieces or platinum pieces, according to your budget.

Have you ever heard about real Roses dipped in Gold? Simply, get her one and she will simply be mesmerized.

If you are buying a gift for your girlfriend and she is a techno-freak like you, buy a latest mobile handset or laptop she was willing to buy.

Clothes too one of best options. A woman's fetish for clothes cannot come to an end ever. However, buy her a cloth only if you know the right fitting and size otherwise result will be opposed.

Variability item cooking books are also best option for women; they love to do various items always.

Best Christmas Gift for Men

Simple way to find a gift for men is just need to heed what they are zealous about. So if your Husband, boyfriend, brother, dad or simply a friend or a colleague is interested in/ into sports, buy him sporting goods or better still get two tickets to the next major sporting event and show your appreciation for him by accompanying him there even if you can’t stand jocks. That will make for a very unique Christmas gift. Men usually appreciate practical gifts so don’t give them anything fancy which they cannot use. Tools useful for their profession will be a better choice.

Here’s our list of the Best Christmas Gifts ever for men.

A bottle of champagne or whisky complete with sparkling crystal glasses and a box of strawberries can set the Christmas mood of any man in a flash.

Try a box of olives as an honour for your knight.

Branded cigars, fancy cigar boxes that can be made up of real gold and a good ashtray will amuse any chain-smoker.

If you are looking for a Christmas gift for a health and muscle freak or an athletic guy, you can go various exercising equipment and accessories such as good pair of runner shoes, sneakers, gym suits, treadmill, stepper or a stationary bike with latest features, a pair of dumbbells and many more.

Golf lovers will love golf set, a pair of golf clubs or even golf club membership card to spend their holidays on luxurious greens.

Complete set for their favourite sport and membership for sports club can include basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey and even polo.

You can also buy them air tickets to a vacation in Hawaii.

Christmas gift for men can include their favourite gadgets such as latest mobile phones, digital cameras, spy pen cameras, binoculars and DVD players.

Music lovers will love CDs of their favourite albums and singers or even rhythmic chants that can help them to meditate. If you know that he loves action and sci-fi movies, why not gift him a series of some wonderful action and sci-fi movies.

If your lover likes different tastes of food items homemade cookies be the better choice

If the guy is your partner, give him a wonderful night gown you would love to see him in.

If your man loves in riding on motorbikes, gifting him a latest model bike would be wonderful idea!

If you observe him with any problem facing with his gadgets or mobiles replacing with latest one is great idea men will be pleased much of its kind.

For your boss digital dairy is the best gift idea for the Christmas.

Best Christmas Gift for Kids

Kids carry a list all year round and they are just waiting for somebody to ask them what they’d like. Candies make a great Christmas gift for kids. However fact remains that the best Christmas gift for kids will always be the one they want the most.

Children start making their wish lists where they note down their innocent wishes. Moms become busy preparing for this yearly celebration. Delicacies like Christmas cake, holy Christmas cookies, Christmas puddings, and Christmas rice are prepared at every Christian home.

Santa Clause and his bundle of joy

Santa Clause is a man with the white beard and round belly. During the monthe of December we can observe Santa Clause here & there along with children enjoying. This jolly man wearing red and white outfit brings along a bundle on his bag. His bundle is full of gifts and amazements. It is believed that he keeps the gifts under the Christmas tree and in the stockings hung near the fireplace.

Christmas and gifts

On the early Christmas morning children get up and they hunt for the gift that Santa has left behind for them. They feel overjoyed to find out the surprise gift wrapped in the colourful design papers. Children tore open the wrappers and get surprised to find cookies, toys, and candies inside.

Right Christmas gifts for your kids

Every year people try to find new and amazing ways of celebrating Christmas. Giving gifts and presents is one of the traditions of Christmas. Children are god's gift and there is nothing as prestigious as smiles on their sweet faces. Here are some Christmas gift ideas. Be the Santa Clause for your little one and leave behind a surprise gift for him or her on this Christmas Eve.

Boost your child's creativity by gifting him a kit that will consist of a drawing book, sketch pens, crayons, scented erasers, pencils, and stickers.

Stuff toys can never go out of fashion. Let your child find a cute cuddle toy near his pillow on the Christmas morning.

Make a goody bag of chocolates, cookies, fruit bars, and candies. Be happy to see a wide smile on your child's face.

Puppies, kittens, birds, guinea pigs can make good companions. Why not to surprise your child by gifting him a pet animal or rather a friend.

A nice collection of story books, comics, novels, and poetry books can make a wonderful gift for your child during this Christmas.

Plan a surprise trip or picnic for your child. How about visiting an exotic resort, an amusement park, a zoo or a circus.

Keep four to five board games under a Christmas tree. Board games like the snake and ladder, chess, and picnic are always a thrill to play.

Make your daughter happy by gifting her Barbie set that will have Barbie house or Barbie kitchen. She will definitely love it.

Best Christmas Gift for Parents and Grandparents

Mom & Dad always loves the creativity of the children. So handmade Christmas gift from their kids is best choice. Parents feel proud of their children’s inventiveness to make gifts for them like cards, pictures, drawings, picture frames, and flowers, flower arrangements. So mark something special for your parents on the eve of Christmas.

Here’s our list of the Best Christmas Gifts Parents and Grandparents.

Paint a family portrait on a ceramic platter for your parents or print a photograph on it as a customized Christmas gift for your parents that makes them proud of you.

A great holiday keepsake that your mom will love is a ceramic signature platter in which all the family members can sign with a special black marker. You can then get the platter fired and your Christmas gift is ready.

If you are good at crafts, cut out one good photo of each family member and make a 3D scene by sticking foams with different depth behind him or her. This homemade gift idea is for kids.

Get a number of soft wool fabric squares printed with great family snap shots and sew them together to make quilts. A photo of each Christmas you have spent with your parents will be the best.

You can make family tree from a unique candleholder by hanging tiny frame photo of each family member on it using wire. Include the photos of your mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, siblings and yourself.

Fathers that smoke will love quality Cuban cigars and an ashtray too. A bottle of Champagne and Red wine will too do!

You can also gift a latest mobile handset to your father if he loves exploring new technologies. A laptop would not be a bad idea too, if he does not own one!

If your father is a gaudy reader, buy him a wonderful set of novel by some contemporary writers.

Roses for your mom will certainly make her smile. If you want to gift something special and precious, what about getting her a wonderful diamond ring!

Why not gift your parents a special holiday tour to Goa this Christmas? If you think how they would manage it, do not worry; get a travel package through a tour operator who operates a common tour for bunch of people.

What about getting their room renovated? Make them feel new and fresh. Get their room completely renovated this Christmas. However, before doing so, make sure you take their permission.